Here I am with some former students, demonstrating what they’ve learned:

Here’s a little clip of some jammin’ I did the last time I played with Los Lobos:

Here’s a clip of one of my favorite Intuit songs, at Second Story Garage :

Los Lobos have played the e-town radio show many times over the course of their career. The last two times, they invited me to join them. This song is my personal favorite of the bunch:

Euforquestra are friends of mine who had me join in on percussion at their 2/27/16 Boulder Theater performance. The sound is slightly distorted, as this was filmed on a smartphone, but it improves and the vibe is strong anyhow. This clip starts during the keyboard solo, goes into a drummy bit for a while, then bass solo, horns re-enter, vocals re-enter for take off:

This is a clip from the Laughing Goat, with Andrew Forbes on bagpipes and Mason Brown on guitar (a.k.a.’Fresh Cut Memory‘), covering AC/DC:

Here’s a clip of a song I played on with AfroZep, during a performance at Mystic Hot Springs, UT:

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